Android Stability Lab Manager

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Position Summary
Would you like to work on projects supporting customized hardware and software designed for full 3D motion devices that create a map of the environment? Bsquare is building a team that helps bring new ideas to reality. The Stability Lab Manager will work on setting up a lab for long term testing of software on mobile devices. You will support the software development team to ensure software on the cutting-edge equipment is reliable. In the lab, you will design test tools for measuring stability of the software. Working closely with developers, you provide input on designs to improve software to meet Bsquare's standards of quality and reliability.
Review device requirements and stability tests
Determine amount of devices needed in lab
Assist in creating requirements for the stability lab - space, power, connectivity
Create BOM for items needed to build out the lab
Work with purchasing department to acquire necessary lab equipment
Connect and operate devices, test fixtures, lab equipment, etc.
Develop and Execute Automated Stability Tests
Create reports on the device stability
Attend defect triage meetings with management and developers
Provide Status reports on a regular basis
Two or more years Quality Assurance Experience
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Engineering
Experience working with mobile or embedded devices
Understand software, hardware, firmware, and other embedded concepts
Experience with Android development and debugging tools
Ability to lift and move computer and electronics equipment up to 30 pounds
Ability to be self-directed
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https://rew11.ultipro.com/BSQ1000/JobBoard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID= FF57B5FAE95D84E9

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